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Help and Support for those affected by Bovine TB in Alpacas & Llamas


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You have TB in your herd - whats next?

APHA testing Procedure

The tuberculin testing of camelids

APHA blood test information

Understanding your Skin test results

Approved disinfectants

Spoligotyping information

Skin test side effects video

Skin test side effects

Example of PM report

“No visible lesions on PM” ?

Preparing for your skin / blood test

Blood drawing technique

Tuberculosis (England) order 2007

Methods of Euthanasia

THAT Cough

Signs and Symptoms

Should TB be treated?

Skin testing procedure from AH operational instructions

Defra TB  in Camelids Leaflet

If you have recently suffered a breakdown please get in touch for additional help and information

Approved Disinfectants

No Visible lesions explanation


Lesions in Udders